How much will my caricature cost?

It depends on what your requirements are. Every job is different and I provide a quote based on how long I think the drawing will take to do. You can get a caricature done for as little as £15 (excluding P&P) – this will be a black and white, head and shoulders pencil drawing. So, two people in a drawing will cost £30 and so on. You can get an inked version for £18 per person, or £36 for two people, £54 for three…you get the idea. Colour head and shoulder versions are £22 each.

The more detailed drawings of the “big head, small body” variety in full colour start at just £35 for A5 size, £55 for A4 and £75 for A3. (For black and white versions, knock £5 off these prices.) This includes a minimal background. For an A3 drawing of two people, it will be roughly £95 and for three, roughly £125. More detailed backgrounds with vehicles, animals, buildings etc take longer and will cost more. Please call or email for a quote.

Group caricatures of four or more subjects are priced roughly at £30 per person. (This is just a guideline – there are other factors such as how much detail is required, the size of the piece etc.)  The beauty of group caricatures is that each subject usually contributes to the cost. All prices quoted are excluding P&P. (See below).

If you’d like an accurate quote or would like to talk about your requirements, just call 07985301960 or email  capwondercartoons@gmail.com.

How do I get my photos to you?

Emailing me your photographs is the quickest, simplest and most straightforward way, though if you would prefer to post them to me, you can do so.  If you’d like to talk about your requirements, just call 07985301960 or email capwondercartoons@gmail.com.

How much is postage and packing (P&P)?

This depends on the size of the original drawing. All caricatures are delivered via Royal Mail, unless otherwise requested. A5 and A4 drawings are delivered flat in a card-backed envelope starting at £2 (2nd class). Larger than A4 are delivered in a postal tube and prices start at £3 (2nd class).  Just call 07985301960 or email capwondercartoons@gmail.com.  

Can you frame my caricature?

I’m afraid I don’t provide a framing service – this is something you will have to take care of yourself. Most framers need a few days to do the job, so when ordering your caricature please make sure you leave additional time to get it framed.

Also, there are lots of shops where you can buy frames off the shelf in various sizes, including the two most popular ones, A4 and A3. These can vary in price but are usually very reasonable.

Can I get copies of my caricature?

Once your caricature is done, you can make as many copies of it as you like. I don’t provide a copying service, but there are many reliable printers and copy shops in your nearest town that will be happy to provide high quality reproductions for a reasonable fee.

I am also happy to email files to a printing service of your choice upon request.

Will my caricature appear on the Captain Wonder website?

I reserve the right to make a copy of your caricature and put it on the website as a sample of my work. If you would prefer me not to do this, just let me know and I will honour your request.